The IMPOSTER “Austin Police Oversight Act” petition was turned in to the city clerk on Dec. 19th at 5pm!

The City Clerk will not accept any requests to remove your name from the petition, regardless how you were deceived, after the organization behind it has turned in their signatures. Equity Action would still like to hear about your experience and we are looking into every legal option we have to prevent an identical title and nearly identical caption from appearing on the ballot next to the REAL Austin Police Oversight Act in May 2023. This fraud on the voters is bad for democracy and bad for Austin. Even though you can’t remove your signature, we hope you will tell us your story because the exact nature of the fraud matters.

BACKGROUND: “A mysterious group has launched a deceptive petition campaign that could result in a second police oversight ordinance appearing before voters…” Austin Chronicle 12-1-22 (read more) and also Pro-Cop Fake-Oversight Petition Drive Still Raises Questions 12-8-22 (read more.)

If you signed a petition in Austin from the week before Thanksgiving to December 19th, you signed the fraudulent petition. FOX NEWS coverage points to a possible close connection to the Austin Police Association. Canvassers continued to misrepresent themselves as working for Equity Action (us!) as recently as last week.

Read our denouncement in the Austin Monitor