We Need Your Help: Two Campaigns In High Gear!

1) Help us collect signatures: Austin’s Civilian Oversight of Police was gutted by an arbitration decision on December 28th, 2021. Most people don’t even know about this quiet Christmas season catastrophe. Equity Action is responding with a ballot initiative that strengthens and protects our civilian oversight system by enacting it as an ordinance and limiting the union’s ability to undermine it in a police contract. Help us gather signatures, we have all the tools!

2) Help us expand our budget coalition: In collaboration with thirty organizations, Equity Action joined in a Community Investment Budget that asks Austin City Council to increase wages for our lowest wage city workers and EMS, prevent evictions using emergency rental assistance, improve park services and youth programs and more. Help us expand the coalition! If you are a member of a group not yet signed on, or you can attend group meetings and ask for an endorsement, tell us below!