Individual and Group Endorsements, Volunteer!

Help us WIN in May 2023! Austin’s civilian oversight of police was gutted by an arbitration decision on December 28th, 2021. Most people don’t even know about this quiet Christmas 2022 catastrophe. Equity Action responded with a ballot initiative that strengthens and protects our civilian oversight system by enacting it as an ordinance and limiting the union’s ability to undermine it in a police contract.

Meanwhile, unidentified operatives working for a PAC supported by the police union collected signatures in December 2022 and filed them with the city clerk for a measure that codifies the terrible arbitration decision from 2021. A weak, disempowered civilian oversight system is exactly what the police union wants. But they knew Austin wants more, so instead of campaigning honestly, their team posed as Equity Action and defrauded voters into signing a petition to put their competing measure with the same name and nearly the same caption on the same ballot to confuse voters. They will stop at nothing it seems, so it will take a HUGE campaign to defeat them. If you endorse REAL police oversight, help the more than 30 groups who have already endorsed by adding your name as an individual endorser and telling us ways that you want to help.