Just Liberty - Kathy Mitchell
Kathy Mitchell, Treasurer

Kathy Mitchell is the Treasurer of Equity Action. She is a policy coordinator for a Texas criminal justice reform advocacy organization called Just Liberty, with a special focus on policing. She managed the statewide coalition formed in 2020 to support the Legislative Black Caucus and Chairwoman Senfronia Thompson’s George Floyd Act. In her volunteer time, she walks dogs for the Austin Animal Center and is the local Austin Precinct Chair for Pct 102 on the East side. She has lived in Austin for four decades and over that time has volunteered to improve local environmental protections, close the tank farms, address APD’s failed DNA lab, end arrest/jail for non-jailable violations (“Freedom City.”) improve 911 call response and is currently a member of the panel that is reviewing and reforming the curriculum at the Austin Police Academy.

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