Send a message to City Manager Cronk, cc Mayor Adler and City Council

Add your name to the letter below, which we will send the week of June 20th to the City Manager in support of the Community Investment Budget (CIB.) The CIB proposal was developed by several organizations and endorsed by more than 30 groups. Cronk continues to balk at the wage request from EMS and any significant increase for our lowest paid city workers, even though all city departments are struggling to hire people. Skyrocketing rents will push more families into homelessness if we don’t hold out a hand to help. And programs to address gun violence, get young people into good jobs with a living wage, and continue to address civil and worker rights must be prioritized this year. Now its time to show City Manager Cronk we mean business!

Dear City Manager Cronk,

I support the Community Investment Budget because it prioritizes the most urgent needs we have in the city this year: keeping struggling families in their homes as rents skyrocket, lifting stagnant wages for our lowest wage workers and filling vacant positions at EMS, and funding the equitable delivery of services across the city.

The Community Investment Budget focuses on adequate staffing for our parks, community centers and pools, and the delivery of essential services by departments struggling to fill open (and already funded) positions. It addresses public safety and supports families. As you finalize your “baseline” budget, direct new revenue to the items listed in this Community Investment Budget. It is endorsed by more than 30 organizations representing a huge range of interests, from housing to the environment, neighborhoods, civil rights, animal welfare and more.


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